Upside synonyms? (2023)

What does the expression upside mean?

: a positive aspect. : promise, potential. a young star with lots of upside. upside.

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What's another way of saying pros and cons?

  • advantages and disadvantages.
  • assets and liabilities.
  • costs and benefits.
  • fors and againsts.
  • for and against.
  • gains and losses.
  • opportunities and obstacles.
  • strengths and weaknesses.

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What is upside in business?

The upside in finance refers to the possible rise in value, gauged in cash or percentage of a given investment. Generally, the analysts utilise either fundamental analysis or technical analysis methods to foretell the ensuing worth of an investment, especially the prices of stocks.

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What is potential upside?

Upside potential. The amount by which analysts or investors expect the price of a security may increase.

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What is another word for advantages?

synonyms for advantage
  • asset.
  • choice.
  • convenience.
  • dominance.
  • edge.
  • favor.
  • gain.
  • improvement.

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What is the other term for strengths and weaknesses?

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

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Does upside mean advantage?

Britannica Dictionary definition of UPSIDE. [count] : a part of something that is good or desirable : an advantage or benefit.

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Where did the upside come from?

Who Created the Upside Down? In the "Stranger Things" timeline, the earliest we see the Upside Down is during Eleven's time in the Hawkins National Laboratory when an experiment guided by Dr. Brenner results in her accidentally opening the gateway between our world and the hellish dimension on the other side.

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What is the upside of a situation?

/ˈʌpˌsɑɪd/ the positive part of a situation: It's too bad we can't go until Thursday, but the upside is that we get to stay through the weekend. (Definition of upside from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

How do you use the word upside?

the advantage of a situation: It's annoying that we can't travel until Thursday, but the upside is that tickets are cheaper then.

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